Week 4 – More Straight Lines


So we finished off the straight line on Monday.

Here’s a link to the stuffs: Linkity link

But, because I’m a man of the people, here’s some more stuff:

  • Firstly, you might be wanting notes on the Straight Line: Straight Line Notes from hsn.uk.net
  • Also those lovely people at Khan Academy have a whole bunch of videos on the Straight Line which – most likely – explain things a lot better than me: Khan Academy stuffs.
  • And Youtube has also got some videos on it: Youtubing

Should you wish any more material then just let me know and I’ll see what I’ve got.

Remember, you’ve got that Worksheet to do for Monday.  I was thinking about it and I’m going to withdraw anyone who doesn’t bother doing it.  BUT – again seeing as I’m a people person – I’ve put the answers up online too.  If you also want to see the workings then send me an email.

Finally, there’ll be a tutorial each Tuesday from 5:45-9 in FG13.

Ok, if you need anything just get in touch.

By mrtambo

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