Week 5 – Functions


Seeing as some of you looked a bit like you were caught in headlights whilst doing the factorising stuff last night, here’s some links:

Youtube Vid on Factorising

Youtube Vid from Khan Academy

Khan Academy – Factorising

If you want any extra help on factorising then get in touch.

Last nights notes and the worksheet I gave out are here.  Also, a reminded that I currently have 5 attempts at yon Straight Line stuff I gave out so the class is going to get very small unless some of you get the finger out.

Finally – a request: If you’re struggling with anything then speak to me or email me or do something.  DON’T just sit and be stuck, it’ll be a very long and painful course if you do that.  Don’t let yourself fall behind.

Tonight I’ll be in FG13 from 4:30, should any of you want to go over stuff or even move on to something different.

P.S. I’m about to sit and mark the homeworks so if any of you want some feedback you can email me or speak to me on Monday.



By mrtambo

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