Week 8 – The Circle


Before I go any further, anyone wanting their result for the assessment thingy last night should drop me an email and I’ll let you know.

The sheet I gave out last night, the notes from the board and – in a huge shock – the answers to said sheet are all here.

Oh and don’t do question 11.  Well, you can do it if you know how, but I haven’t gone over that type of circle formula just yet so you can leave it till next week.

Ok, see you all next week.  Just get in touch if you need anything.

By mrtambo

Week 7 – Further logs & exponentials


I’ve uploaded the stuff from this week to here.

It’s got the worksheets I gave out as well as an extra practice sheet for the unit assessment thingy.  It’ll be happening on the 24th October (it won’t be that long, probably only 45 minutes or so).  Once it’s out the road we’ll be doing quadratics for the rest of the evening.

I still owe answers for some of the other sheets I’ve given out so I’ll try and get them finished today.

As per always, get in touch if you need anything.


By mrtambo

Week 6 – Logs & Exponentials


So last night I blasted through logs and exponentials at warp 7.

The notes and the worksheet I gave out are here.  The worksheet is to be finished for next week, hokay dok.

The first unit assessment will be on 24th October.  I’ll give you out stuff to prep with next week.

On another note, was last night better for me getting through the stuff quickly?  I’m wondering if it’s better to blast through stuff in an hour or so and then let you work for a couple of hours, or if I should go slower (which leaves less time for you to work on your own).   If you have any thoughts over what is the better way of doing things, let me know.  I’m open to suggestions.

By mrtambo