Week 19 – Applications of Differentiation


The notes for Monday are here.

I’ve included the past paper questions on differentiation too.  I think on Monday we’ll probably just do some more practice on differentiation and maybe some general revision as well, rather than race on with integration.

By mrtambo

Week 17 & 18 – Differentiation

Last week we did the unit 1 assessment and, this Monday, started on Differentiation.

You can see the stuff I’ve written on the board the last couple of weeks here.

Also, here’s some notes on basic differentiation, in case anyone wants some extra practice.  We’ll continue with this stuff next week.

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Week 16 – Bits n bobs


On Monday (the 9th of January) we’re doing our second unit test.  The topics covered are:

  • Logs and Exponentials
  • Trigonometry
  • Functions
  • Vectors

The Unit Assessment will be pretty darn close to this practice exam.

The last week before Christmas we went over this stuff, to make sure we’d covered everything we needed to.

On Monday, I’ll start by going  over a practice assessment paper then we will do the exam.  They will be pretty similar.



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