Week 23 – Revision


So, next week we’ve got the Relationships and Calculus Unit Assessment.  Here are some practice assessments and also the notes from the board for this week.

Linkity link

After we’ve got this unit assessment out of the way we’ll be concentrating on past papers – lots and lots of them.  I’ll be in tonight at FG13 at 5:30ish if anyone wants to come in and go over some stuff (primarily differentiation and integration but I’m open to other thingies).


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Weeks 21 & 22 – Integration


The stuff for the last couple of weeks is here.

We have looked at integration, although some of it was relatively brief so we’ll be going over it again in the near future.  We also looked back at polynomials.

On the 27th February, we’re going to do the Relationships and Functions unit test.  It covers Polynomials, Quadratics, Trigonometry, Differentiation and Integration – so we’ll be concentrating on those this week.

If anyone wants to come in tonight then I’ll do a revision thingy at 5:30ish in FG13.

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Week 20 – Differentiation Revision


This week was stunningly boring as we just did some differentiation revision.

The worksheet thingy is here.

By the way, past papers and answers are available if you click the link at the top of the page.  I don’t know if many people have ever noticed that.

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